FIFA should also investigate ANFA

FIFA has contacted ANFA to get more detailed information about Public Accounts Committee's (PAC's) action against ANFA. While FIFA does not prefer third party interference, it is in its best interest to have a corruption free and transparent football association in Nepal.

Ganesh Thapa says that he has not done anything wrong and is willing to face the music if proven guilty. But maybe FIFA should also investigate ANFA and Ganesh Thapa for embezzlement of funds. Here's why

On June 20, 2014, former Nepal Coach and ANFA Technical Director Krishna Thapa held a press meet where he formally voiced his grievance against Ganesh Thapa and ANFA. He announced his resignation from the post of Technical Director which he had held for a month of 27 months.

His main grievance was that he was never offered a formal contract for the position of Technical Director. During the period of 27 months that he held the position he was paid a monthly salary of $80 without any paperwork.

FIFA Circular No. 1331, dated 21 November 2012 clearly says that every member association of FIFA should appoint a technical director in order to receive Financial Assistance Programme (FAP). See the image below:

This rule was applied for the first time in 2010. Nepal has received FAP funds since 2010 as follows:
  1. 2014 - $2,50,000
  2. 2013 - $2,50,000
  3. 2012 - $2,50,000
  4. 2011 - $5,50,000 (which includes a bonus of $3,00,000)
  5. 2010 - $5,00,000 (which includes a bonus of $2,50,000)
How did FIFA give ANFA the above funds if there was no Technical Director in place? If FIFA has received details about the appointment of Technical Director by ANFA, why wasn't Krishna Thapa given an official contract for 27 months inspite of repeatedly asking for a formal contract? Shouldn't FIFA investigate ANFA over this issue? 

So here's a suggestion for FIFA. FIFA should work together with PAC, CIAA, Minstry of Youth & Sports and the Department of Money Laundering Investigation to get to the bottom of this.