FIFA reveals its position on ANFA. Ganesh Thapa, you are no saint!

In the past several months, the Nepali media has written a lot about irregularities within ANFA and directly or indirectly blamed its President, Ganesh Thapa and Ganesh Thapa, who has been a controverial figure in Nepali sports for more than a decade, has kept maintaining his innocence and portrayed himself as the victim in all of this.

Time and again, he has used scare-mongering tactics to keep his critics at bay. Just recently he claimed that if ANFA followed the rulings of the Public Accounts Committee, then FIFA would ban ANFA and the Nepali football professionals would suffer because of this. He kept saying that ANFA was not answerable to the Nepali Government and did not have to comply with its ruling.

However, one thing that Ganesh Thapa failed to mention to the Nepali public and media was that ANFA was subject to internal investigation by FIFA since 2012. In a recent press release in response to an official request by agitating ANFA officials to officially investigate Ganesh Thapa, FIFA has stated that ANFA had been the subject of an "unsatifactory" external audit in 2012 when FIFA identified unappropriate cash movements. ANFA was also targeted by a FIFA ethics committee investigation in 2013. In particular, FIFA was concerned with how the funds from the Goal Project  managed by Manilal Fernando between 2005 and 2012 were used. Manilal Fernando has since been banned for life by FIFA

In 2014, FIFA and KPMG provided ANFA specific support to improve "financial management and governance". 

The revelation of this news by FIFA now strengthens the case against Ganesh Thapa and other ANFA officials, and supports the findings of the PAC investigation. After all, one of the points raised by PAC was over the misuse of the Goal Project Funds. 

Now that FIFA has revealed its position in relation to ANFA, it is upto the Nepal Government, and in particular the Ministry of Youth & Sports to determine the next course of action. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire and Ganesh Thapa, you are no saint nor are your cronies, and you are definitely not losing to save Nepali football. You are losing because you are corrupt and your past is finally catching up with you.