PM Baburam Bhattarai is just an email away!

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai is proving to be different from past Prime Ministers of Nepal. He drove to the swearing-in ceremony on a Nepali Golchha Mustang whereas in the past, other Prime Ministers have driven luxurious vehicles imported from overseas. He has also announced that he is going to fly economy-class to New York to attend the UN's 65th General Assembly unlike his predecessors who always flew business class. Today he has made public his private email address via the Facebook page of his personal aide Bishwadeep Pandey to connect himself with the people and solicit their feedback. So if you have any queries, comments or concerns that you want to highlight to the Prime Minister of Nepal, then please email him at So far he has presented himself as a man of action. While his actions will definitely endear him to the ordinary citizens, they are bound to irritate, annoy and anger more than a few politicians. Only time will tell how long these Nepali politicians will let him occupy the Prime Minister's chair. Let's hope that they do so atleast until the new Constitution of Nepal is passed!