Nepal Airlines Corporation - Hardest working or Hardly Working!!!

Is Nepal Airlines Corporation the hardest working Airlines in the world? Or, is it hardly working? Nepal Airlines Corporation which was established in 1958 (and was then known as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation) is the flag carrier of Nepal. It offers flights to Bangkok, Doha, Delhi, Hong Kong, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. It has offered flights to London, Amsteradm, Osaka, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Vienna, Colombo, Karachi, Singapore, Paris, Dhaka, Bangalore and Kolkatta in the past (now these flights have been terminated). Yet it has only one functional aircraft. If this aircraft is grounded for a single day, the Airlines suffers losses of millions of rupees. It has been operating this way for the past few years! Yet, successive governments in Nepal have not been able to do much about this. On second thought, they haven't been able to do much about anything! Given its current operational fleet of one aircraft, NAC is probably the hardest working Airlines in the world and at the same time a corporation that is hardly working! Where else but Nepal!