Is PM Baburam Bhattarai really poorer than his daughter?

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, the current Prime Minister of Nepal has declared his property on assuming office. According to the NepalNews report, he has a deposit of around Rs 4 lakhs which includes savings from his salary and allowances as the member of the Constituent Assembly and as Finance Minister in the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led government. He also owns two ropani arid land in Khoplang village, Gorkha which is his ancestral property. And that's about it. Apparently, he does not own any stock or jewels and is actually poorer than his daughter Manushi Bhattarai who is a student.
She has a bank balance of Rs.1 million in her Rastriya Banijya Bank account. Apparently, this money comes from the sale of a house which was in his wife Hisila Yami's name as well as money provided to Manushi by her maternal relatives. She also has ownership of 7.12 ropani cultivable and 10 ropani arid land in Gorkha. This land is also part of Dr. Bhattarai's ancestral property and has been transferred to Manushi's name. 

What is notably missing from the report (for unknown reasons) is the valuation of the property in Hisila Yami's name. She is also a Constituent Assembly member and has been the Tourism Minister in the Prachanda led government. So here are some questions that arise from this report. Is the report published in the Nepal News website complete? Is Bhattarai really poorer than his daughter? Does Yami have no property or savings in her name? Or does not her wealth count? Or are the journalists too lazy to investigate and report accurately.