Why doesn't Nepal help herself?

I was reading through Chandan Sapkota's blog today and came across his take on Nepal’s policies and programs for 2011-2012 (FY 2068-2069). According to the post (and I assume those figures are correct), he writes that "the expected size of the budget is around Rs 385-390 billion (up from Rs 337.9 billion last fiscal year). Development budget (capital expenditure) is expected to be Rs 150 billion (up from 129.54 billion last fiscal year). Recurrent expenditure is expected to be Rs 210 billion (up from Rs 190.32 billion last fiscal year). The government plans to mobilize about Rs 246 billion in revenue, Rs 75 billion in foreign grants, Rs 26 billion in foreign loans and about Rs 35 billion in domestic borrowing to finance the next fiscal year´s spending". I think every Nepali knows that Nepal depends alot on foreign aid and borrowings.

Which brings me to the second point. A recent news article in The Himalayan Times states that Nepal's migrants earn over Rs. 400 Billion annually. It states that "an average earning of about two million Nepali migrant workers revealed that they are earning around Rs 438.38 billion annually. Nepalis working in Gulf countries – Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – are earning around Rs 319.5 billion followed by Malaysia (Rs 76.20 billion), South Korea (Rs 7.24 billion) and Kuwait (Rs 6.27 billion)". This study leaves out several other countries including Australia and (our southern neighbour India) from where millions and millions of rupees flows into Nepal every year through remittance. But what stands out is that money in excess of Nepal's annual budget enters Nepal through "formal and informal channels every year". So why doesn't the Government take the necessary steps to regulate and use these funds instead of depending upon foreign aid and foreign loans? Why doesn't Nepal help herself?  I wonder!