Religion, homosexuality and tourism in Nepal!

Continuing with the debate on religion in Nepal, I just read an article in Time World titled Can Nepal Sell Itself as a Gay-Wedding Destination? and can't help but shake my head at the irony. In June 20, Nepal held its first public lesbian wedding in a Hindu temple as per Hindu traditions. The irony behind this wedding is that the caste system in Nepal is still so rigid and strict that inter-caste weddings (especially between the so-called high castes and the low castes) are still a rarity and looked down upon in most instances. Yet, we are happy to welcome a lesbian couple from the western world and we will give them a proper Hindu wedding in a temple. What does this mean? Does it really mean that Nepal is a progressive nation or does it mean that we Nepalis don't care what foreigners do in Nepal as long as they pay in hard currency (a Hindu-inspired wedding with a week long travel package costs $11,000).

Looking at it from another view point, Sunil Pant's Blue Diamond Society is fighting for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Nepal. But why did he choose a foreign couple for the first public lesbian wedding? Why didn't a Nepali couple come forward to be the first? Was it because they didn't have the 11,000 dollars to pay? Or was it because there are no lesbian couples in Nepal? Or was it because they weren't bold enough to come forward?

Which brings me to yet another observation. Christians in Nepal are fighting against the proposed law on evangelism and proselytism. Christians are supposed to be more liberal than Hindus, but would the Catholic Church in Nepal conduct a lesbian wedding in the Church? I wonder!