NRN Australia Elections Today! Did you know?

NRN Australia is today conducting elections to elect new members to the Executive Committee. But how many Non-residential Nepalis (NRNs) are aware of this? I for one wasn't aware and came to know of it through a friend in NSW. NRN Australia is supposed to represent all NRNs in Australia. But a quick look at the voter's list shows that there are just 288 members in Victoria who are eligible to vote. Similarly, ACT has 26 registered voters, NSW has 5060, NT has 117, QLD has 403, South Australia has 65, Tasmania has 3 and WA has 340 registered voters. So out of the approximately 50,000 (or more) NRNs in Australia, 6276 voters will decide who will manage NRN Australia. NSW seems to be doing alright in terms of voter registration but what about the other states? The mission statement of NRN Australia on Facebook reads "To unite all Non Resident Nepali (NRNs) people through out Australia under an umbrella to form a unified and institutional movement to achieve the mutual benefit between all NRNs and people of Nepal." But I don't think NRN Australia is really doing this. If this was the case there would be a lot more promotion of the NRNA elections and NRNs would be encouraged to register and vote. Don't tell me there are just 288 Non Residential Nepalis in Victoria. C'mon!