Supreme Court of Nepal rules that women cannot rape men!

According to the report महिलाले बलात्कार गर्न नसक्ने सर्वोच्चको ठहर in the Nagarik Daily, the Supreme Court of Nepal has ruled that women cannot rape men in the same way as men rape women. Nepal's legal system defines rape as a violation that can be committed against women by men only. The ruling was in response to a writ file by lawyer Shyam Krishna Maskey who had argued to the contrary. In making the ruling, the Supreme Court stated that laws cannot be formed on the basis of exceptional cases, referring to two incidents of men being raped by women in Nepal. In view of the Supreme Court's rulings on sexual minorities and gay rights, this ruling can be seen as a step backwards in the process of legal reform in Nepal. So, for the time being, if you are a bloke in Nepal, make sure you don't get raped by a woman because it will not be recognized as such by the Supreme Court of Nepal!