Lumbini is in Nepal, not India! Reuters, please correct your mistake!!!

A few months back, the Time Magazine incorrectly published that Kathmandu was in India. Now the Reuters website has done something similar. It has published an article titled China plans to help Nepal develop Buddha's birthplace at Lumbini according to which the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation plans to raise $3 billion at home and abroad to build temples, an airport, a highway, hotels, convention centres and a Buddhist university in the town of Lumbini, Nepal. This is definitely good news for Nepal because the development of Lumbini will help boost government revenues, create jobs and improve infrastructure in Lumbini. But the caption for image of the Maya Devi Pond reads Bodhi tree and the Mayadevi pond in Lumbini, India.

Why can't a leading news agency like Reuters check the articles before they are posted online? I wonder who the author of this article is! I've requested them to change the caption of the image. Let's see how quickly they correct it.
Follow up: Reuters has corrected the mistake as shown here.