How much is your kidney worth?

How much is your kidney worth? Literally? Well, apparently in Chennai, the kidney capital of India, a kidney is worth more than US $7000. Guess how much poor Nepalis are selling their kidney for? For less than $1000. But why are they doing this? This article titled The Nepali Kidney Bank reports that in Kavre, more than 300 people have sold their kidneys in a single village. Selling human organs is a crime under Nepali law and those found to be selling human organs or aiding the activity can face up to 10 years in jail and a fine of $7,000. The law only allows for a blood relative to donate a kidney to an ailing family member. But, the ground reality is that several Nepalis are selling their kidneys in neighbouring India for paltry sums and at great risks to their personal health. The Government of Nepal needs to do something to raise awareness against organ trade?