Herald Sun should apologise to the Dalai Lama!

Dalai Lama on Masterchef Australia
Recently I had blogged about an Australian designer hurting Hindu religious sentiments by designing swim suits depicting the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. This created an uproar among the Hindu community, particularly in India and the Designer issued a public apology and halted the production. Now the Herald Sun has done the same - played with the religious sentiments of the Buddhists (particularly of Tibet, Nepal and parts of India) by publishing a digitally altered image of the Dalai Lama with the three judges from Channel Ten's MasterChef program. 

While the Dalai Lama, who is currently in Melbourne has remained quiet about it, some of his followers are appalled by it. Why is it that the media always targets Hinduism and Buddhism? Is it because they are the most tolerant religions in the world?  What would the reaction be if the Herald Sun replaced the Dalai Lama's picture with that of the Pope? Why play with the religious sentiments of millions? Should the Herald Sun remove this picture and issue an apology to the leader of millions of followers worldwide? I think it should. What about you?