Cops the biggest perpetrators of torture in Naya Nepal!

The Asian Human Rights Commission has published a Fact sheet on Torture in Nepal on the occasion of the International Day in support of victims of torture. What stands out in the report is that post 2006, almost all the perpetrators of torture are the police. Before 2006, the army, police and the Maoists were equal perpetrators. This report clearly exposes the state of the justice system in Nepal. Most torture victims are not charged with any offences. They are often kept for more than 24 hours without court appearance. They are usually "between 16 and 45 of age, generally poor with little to no education and are farmers from the rural community. They are also the ones with little support from their family, community and state agencies".

This is the sorry state of Nepal's justice system where "the poor and marginalized people in the community are vulnerable to be the victims of torture". Victims are afraid to file a case against the perpetrators because they rarely get justice or get inadequate justice, and are afraid of re-victimization by the police. Nepal needs to criminalize torture and introduce strict punishment to the perpetrators so that fewer people are subjected to torture at the hands of the police.