At 67, Nepali life expectancy up 5 years since 1990

According to the latest report from WHO, the average life expectancy in Nepal is 67 while that the world over is 68. This is based on statistics up to 2009. The average Nepali man lives up to 65 years while the average Nepali woman lives up to 69 years. In 1990, the average life expectancy (combined for both sexes) in Nepal was 55 which increased to 62 in the 2000. These figures show that Nepal is making significant improvements in the health sector. So how do our neighbours fare?

The life expectancy of our neighbours is as follows: 65 in India, 74 in China, 65 in Bangladesh, 63 in Bhutan, 63 in Pakistan and 71 in Sri Lanka. In Afghanistan the average life expectancy is 48 for obvious reasons. For you curious Aussie Nepalis, the average life expectancy in Australia is 84. For complete details click here