What would Buddha say about 'Greedy Buddha'?

A restaurant in Fulhman, England has raised the ire of Buddhists the world over, especially in Sri Lanka. Greedy Buddha is a Nepal restaurant owned by Ram Thapa who says that he has  recently been bombarded with abusive emails and letters from Buddhists all over the world. The campaign against Ram Thapa and his restaurant is being driven by the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, which has urged "religious and cultural organisations" to "express their concerns" to the restaurant. Saman Ekanayake, belonging to the Cultural and Educational Affairs at the Commission, said: "As Buddhists we feel as bad as if he was insulting Jesus Christ or Allah. If he had called it Greedy Allah, you can imagine what the reaction would be." Mr Thapa meanwhile says that while with hindsight he could have come up with a different name, he has no plans to change it. "I don't want to be bullied. If I changed the name I would feel they've won." I wonder what Buddha would think about the name of the Restaurant - Greedy Buddha?