Supreme Master GodAngel medidates for 27 hours on top of Mt. Everest

Bhakta Kumar Rai, who is known as the Supreme Master GodAngel to followers of the Heavenly Path has set a world record by meditating for 27 hours on top of Mt. Everest. Out of his 32 hour stay, Rai reportedly used oxygen for 11 hours and went without it for 21 hours. While his achievement is remarkable, what prompted me to blog about this is his moniker - Supreme Master GodAngel. In the website for Heavenly Path he has been referred to as the "Patron saint for the "World Religions Reformation and Human Unity", Patron Saint of the Heavenly Path the philosopher of Lovism His Holiness Supreme Master Godangel." Watch the following videos and make your own judgement as to whether Supreme Master GodAngel deserves his title or is just a religious quack!