Facebook Revolution in Naya Nepal!

A recent incident in Nepal shows the role social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can play in Naya Nepal. The campaign, Parivartan Ka Lagi Hami Nepali Ek (We Nepalis unite for change) was discussed by a dozen people at a tea party last week and then was turned into a Facebook campaign which succeeded in bringing hundreds of people to the streets. 
The people, inspired by the campaign, gathered around 3 pm at Maitighar Mandala, near 'Singhdurbar Secretariat', to press for the promulgation of new constitution within May 28 deadline. Participants included several prominent Nepalis including Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha, former Miss Nepal Malawika Subba and gay rights activist and Lawmaker Sunil Babu Panta. The main slogan of the campaign was "Give us the Constitution by May 28, if not, don't take salary for the next extension which should be only for six months". The initiator of the campaign in Ujjwol Thapa who runs the blog Why Nepal.