Animal slaughter on Buddha Jayanti! Why?

Yesterday was Buddha Jayanti, the 2555th birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha who was born in Nepal (for the ignorant). I did not know that, on Buddha Jayanti, all slaughtering of animals was temporarily ceased and all shops that sold meat or alcohol remained closed throughout Nepal in honor of the Buddha’s precepts against taking life and clouding one’s mind. Apparently, King Mahendra, the father of ex-King Gyanendra, passed a law in 1950 to that effect. However, in today's paper, reports have been published that nearly 700 animals were slaughtered in Kathmandu alone yesterday as part of kul-puja (clan worship). It is true that Nepal has been declared a secular country since 2006 and everybody is free to practice the religion of their choice. But is it that difficult to refrain from slaughtering animals for one day in honour of Lord Buddha? Why create unnecessary controversy? After all Buddha is the pride of Nepal!