5-point agreement reached in Nepal! Or is it just 1?

The 5-point agreement reached between the three major political parties of Nepal - UCPN(M), NC and UCP-UML, includes the following:

  • Completion of fundamentals of the peace process within three months
  • Preparation of the first draft of the new constitution within three months
  • Implementation of past agreements with the Madhesi Morcha by developing the Nepal Army as an inclusive institution
  • Extension of the Constituent Assembly term by three months
  • Jhalanath Khanal's resignation to pave way for formation of a national consensus government 
Of these, the fourth point has already been fulfilled - the Constituent Assembly term has been extended by 3 months. That leaves 4 tasks that remain to be completed. Will they be completed in the 3 months? Most probably not! Jhalanath Khanal has agreed to step down to make way for a national consensus government. The word consensus means - majority of opinion. But if there is no consensus over the first 3 points of this agreement how will the 5th point be achieved? What this basically means is that while the term of the Constituent Assembly has been extended by 3 months, not much will be achieved by then. And most probably we will have another extension at the end of the 3 months! In the mean time the general public can continue to protest and hold symbolic demonstrations.