A world-class education for anyone, anywhere

This post is a bit off track in that it does not relate directly to Nepal. However it is on the use of ICT to impart education, which is highly relevant for Nepal's growth and modernization.

The Khan Academy is an online classroom which aims to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere for free. It's main idea is to use technology to humanize the classroom by replacing the "one size fits all model" with one where "students can interact with one another and their teacher". It is a paradigm shift in that students can do the learning part at home at their own pace (using Youtube videos) and then do their homework in the class room - it basically flips the classroom. Lectures are assigned for homework and what used to be homework can be done by students in the classroom. Watch the video below to better understand Salman Khan's novel approach to learning and teaching.

Students all over the world including Nepal should make use of this novel concept to learn better.