Religious tension on the rise in Nepal

Demands for reinstating Nepal as a Hindu State are being raised in Nepal by political and religious parties.On New Year's Day, the Rastriya Prajantra Party (RPP-Nepal) organised a programme where bells were rung for one hour at the Bhadrakali Temple in Kathmandu. Speaking at the bell ringing programme party president Kamal Thapa reiterated that Nepal should be made a Hindu state in order to address the aspirations of the followers of Hinduism in the country.

Similarly, a religious campaign Rastriya Dharma Jagaran Abhiyan organised a special prayer at Pashupatinath Temple on Thursday where it demanded that the constitution be promulgated on time and that Nepal should be made a Hindu country. Similarly, the Nepal Santa Samaj has also claimed that it was undemocratic to declare Nepal a secular state without a referendum. They have further accused the Christians of converting Hindus by pouring in millions of rupees in the name of 'change is possible'. Add to this, the ongoing issue of Christians demanding burial grounds and undertaking a chain fast seeking the Government to grant them burial land. The Muslims who have not raised any issues about the burial grounds have supported them in this demand. Further more, the Christian leaders are demanding that the Constitution (which is yet to be written) remove the clause preventing forced conversion. Given the increased religious activities in Nepal, it will be interesting to see what happens next.