Tibetan Refugee exposed as a fake by Facebook

An asylum-seeker who arrived in Australia using an Indian Passport in 2009 and applied for refugee status in Australia has been exposed as a fake.  In his application, he had claimed that he was from a family of Tibetan activists who had been driven out of Nepal by the Maoist government after being imprisoned, starved and beaten. In his interview with the Refugee Review Tribunal he had claimed that if he returned to Nepal he would be handed over to the Chinese authorities in Tibet and would be tortured by the Chinese Army. However, pictures on his Facebook and Hi5 profiles showed that he had attended a school in West Bengal, India. His wife also stated in her interview that she believed that her husband was an Indian citizen. The tribunal rejected the man's asylum bid stating that "On the basis of the information posted by the applicant on various social networking sites, the tribunal finds that, .... the applicant is Indian born, he is an Indian national and holds a valid Indian passport. . . He is not a refugee." Here is a clear lesson for wannabe refugees - do not open a Facebook or Hi5 account! Full Story here