Nepali breaks two World Records! Again!

Deepak Sharma Bajagain had previously set records for reading aloud for more than 113 hours straight, playing table tennis for four hours and eating 34 cloves of garlic in one minute. This time he has broken the Guiness World Record for "Most Grapes eaten in three minutes" and "Most envelopes torn in 30 seconds". He succeeded in breaking the records, eating 180 grapes in the three-minute time frame and tearing 44 envelopes in half in 30 seconds. While he may have set two new world records, he did so to tell the world about "hungry children struggling to find nourishment in countries across the world". The Aurora event was sponsored by the Global Lynx Foundation and the Nepal Tourism Campaign, organizations that have worked to increase awareness and raise funds to help address child hunger across the world. He is a goodwill ambassador of Visit Nepal 2011.