Nepal Minister holding nationality of three countries?

Newly appointed Minister of State for Finance Lharkyal Lama apparently holds the nationality of Nepal, Tibet and India even though Nepal does not allow its citizens to hold multiple nationalities.

According to reports published in MyRepublica, he has a Nepali Passport (number 1121588) from the foreign ministry issued on 04.01.2000. The passport identifies him as Mr Wangchuk Rinpoche, a resident of Bauddha, Kathmandu-6, born on 29.07.1967. Similarly, he has an Indian Passport (Number A2129812) that was issued from Guwahati, India on 12.06.1998 that identifies him as Indian national Khenpo Chime Tsering, a resident of Kuligal, India, and born on October 1, 1965. Further more, he is said to possess a Tibetan refugee card issued in Mysore, India in 1969 bearing the name Lama Chime Tsering. 

A formal complaint was lodged against him at the Home Ministry six year ago but obviously no action was taken against him. After all, he has managed to become a Minister in the current Government. I wonder whose advice Khanal took to appoint him as the Minister!