Nepal - The land of Bandhs

Nepal is the land of bandhs. We read on a regular basis about यातायात बन्द (Transport), शैक्षिक छेत्र बन्द (Education), औध्योगीक छेत्र बन्द (Industrial), मेडिकल छेत्र बन्द (Medical), होटल छेत्र बन्द (Hotel) , फ़िल्मी छेत्र बन्द (Film Indusry) and राजनितिक छेत्र बन्द (Political). But this time Nepal has really outdone herself and set a new milestone in the category of Bandhs by having the first इन्टरनेट बन्द (internet blackout) for one hour on Sunday by Internet Service Providers' Association of Nepal (ISPAN) to protest the government's crackdown on 'illegal call bypass' rackets. Where else but Nepal can you expect such a variety of bandhs?