Nepal & Bhutan - same same but different!

This article from Richard Bull in the Wave Magazine is a well written article comparing Bhutan with Nepal. According to Richard "Bhutan is like a Nepal on its very, very best behaviour." Some observations include:

  • How clean the airport building is in Bhutan with no stench in the toilets
  • The staff at the Thimphu airport wear their national dress
  • Outside the airport, there are no taxi drivers competing for passengers
  • There is no hak thuk or picking of noses
  • Cars over ten-years old are banned in Bhutan
  • Nepal Tourism Board aims to attract 1 million visitors, Bhutan is happy with 100000
  • There is no load shedding in Bhutan and the GDP per capita is about four times that of Nepal.
  • Tobacco is banned and Tuesday is an alcohol-free day.
  • Wearing the national dress is compulsory in government buildings and schools
How would Nepal be if it had similar rules and regulations? Would it be better or worse than what it currently is?