British Gurkha gets relief 60 years after serving in the British Army

Gagan Bahadur Karki of Kaski aged 92 served in the British Army during World War II after joining it in 1941, aged 20. He served for nearly four and a half years which involved three years of training and one and a half years of fighting against the Japanese. The British Government sent him back to Nepal after World War II ended. However, while his colleagues who worked for only six months have been given pension and settlement visa, Karki was deprived of the same facilities since he had no one to speak on his behalf.

The Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen’s Organisation (GAESO) came to know about his situation and recommended his name for pension and relief in 2003. After prolonged processing, the Gurkha Welfare Centre, Britain, has finally announced relief for Karki. The centre will provide Karki with Rs 4,500 every month as relief and medical allowance through World War II relief fund. Karki has finally got his due from the British Government 60 years after serving in the British Army.