Kantipur apologises for Anuja Baniya story!

The Anuja Baniya story has gained a lot of media publicity in the past few days. Yours truly also blogged about it and this post was very popular during the past week. However, subsequent investigations have revealed that the story was fake and now Kantipur Daily, one of the most reputed and popular newspapers of Nepal has been made to look bad in the world of journalism. So what is Kantipur's response to this incident? A simple apology!
The exact words of the apology are "The news report was based on information furnished by Baniya and Pokharel’s daughter Sudha, son Anil and his goddaughter Anita Karki. It was revealed that the people who came in contact with this daily while furnishing the news were fictitious. Our efforts to locate the whereabouts of Pokharel went in vain. When we checked the call details of Anuja’s mobile phone, none of the numbers dialled led us to Pokharel. Based on these inconsistencies, we came to the conclusion that the news was untrue and so were the characters involved. This daily apologises to its readers."
How are we to trust the news published by a newspaper which does not even cross check the authenticity of the story before publishing it? Shame on you Kantipur....