Anuja Baniya, Nepal salutes you for your honesty!

If you regularly follow Nepali news, you must have already read about Anuja Baniya. If you haven't, then read this story and be impressed. Anuja Baniya is a 20 year old girl, a permanent resident of Jhulke, Bhojpur, who stays in Dharan, Sunsari, with her uncle and aunt. She is an ordinary woman with normal education.

A few days earlier, she was travelling on a bus in Dharan where she found a bag. When nobody claimed the bag she took it to her residence thinking that she could return it to the rightful owner with the help of documents that the bag possibly contained. When she opened the bag, she found Rs. 9.1 million in cash and a diamond necklace.

She also found documents inside the bag which indicated that the bag belonged to Purushottam Poudel of Sitapaila, Kathmandu. She then telephoned him at his residence and informed him that his money was safe. He had received the cash from a IME Itahari branch with the intention of taking the money to his daughter Sudha Pokharel for the purpose of buying a house. When getting of the bus at Dharan, he had absent mindedly left the bag behind - this happened on the 9th of April 2011.

After realizing that he has lost his bag, Poudel returned to Kathmandu without informing the police. He had no hope of getting his money back again. However, lucky him, he came to Dharan on April 12 and got all the money. Poudel was so grateful to Anuja Baniya that he offered her 200 thousand rupees and the diamond necklace but she refused to take it.

This story has gathered a lot of publicity with the President of Nepal, Ram Baran Yadav making a personal phone call to Anuja Baniya to thank her for her honesty. The outgoing Chief Justice of Nepal Ram Prasad Shrestha has also promised help with her education and career. 

Anuja Baniya, we salute you for your honesty. Nepal is proud to have a daughter like you!  Nepal's politicians and government officials learn a lesson or two from this story.