Anuja Baniya, did she or didn't she?

Just one day after writing about Anuja Baniya's honesty, we are now reading that the whole story is suspicious. Suspicions over the story has prompted the President's Office to ask Morang Chief District Office to examine the facts. Baniya has hogged the media limelight this week after newspapers reported that she returned an abandoned bag containing Rs 9.1 million and a diamond necklace to its rightful owner.

President Ram Baran Yadav personally called her up to congratulate her and the outgoing Chief Justice Shrestha also promised her assistance with her education and career. Why has the story suddenly become suspicious? Well, the owner of the bag has so far not made himself public. Moreover, the story is that he withdrew the money from IME, Itahari, and traveled to Dharan to purchase land for his daughter. However, IME Itahari´s manager Darshan Shrestha, has said the branch has not released such a large sum since April 2. Lets see how the story unfolds.