44,000 gone, 55,000 to go, 15,000 undecided!

44,000 Bhutanese refugees from the seven different camps of Jhapa and Morang have left for different countries under the ongoing third country resettlement programme. According to the latest statistics publicised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United States has taken the biggest number of refugees having resettled 37,926 Bhutanese refugees so far. Similarly, Australia has resettled 2507 refugees, Canada 2718, Denmark 84, the Netherlands 229, New Zealand 552, Norway 373 and the United Kingdom 111. According to the UNHCR, still around 70,000 refugees from Bhutan continue to stay in camps. Of them, around 55,000 have declared their interest for the third country resettlement programme. What will the remaining 15000 do? Will they be able to return to Bhutan? Or will they prefer to stay back in Nepal? Only time will tell.