To bury or to cremate in Naya Nepal? Is the Government responsible?

Once upon a time, Nepal was a Hindu country (the only Hindu country in this world) and hence the Government policies were made accordingly. Now Nepal is a secular country and Article 23 of the Interim Constitution states that it is every human’s basic right to perform and practice rites and rituals according to their belief. Hindus cremate their dead and Christians (most of them) bury their dead.

In the recent past, we have been reading about Christians protesting against the Government for not allocating burial grounds for them. This problem seems to be confined to Kathmandu valley alone and the key complaint is that Christians aren't allowed to bury their dead in the Sleshmantak forest in the Pashupati Area which belongs to the Pashupati Development Trust. Everybody seems to be blaming the Government for not doing anything about this. The question that comes to my mind is this - Is the Nepal Government responsible for giving burial grounds to Christian communities? Or should the Christian communities purchase land and use it as burial grounds? Surely, the whole idea of being secular is that the government regards religion as a private affair. Has anyone prevented burial in Naya Nepal? No. Is the government obliged to provide land for burial? No, not if it is a secular government. There is nothing stopping any religious community buying land and turning it into a graveyard. If this is the case, why is this issue being politicized and why is everyone blaming the Government?