Red Passport Scammers in Nepal target Australia!

Nepal offers three different types of passports - Green for ordinary citizens, Blue for officials and Red for diplomats. All members of Parliament receive Red passports but unfortunately, most of these passports are misused and the passport scam is rife in Nepal. A number of these passports are being used by Nepalis to sneak into Western countries and stay illegally. The Republica reports of such an incident where the passport of Shiv Pujan Raya (see pic), a lawmaker belonging to the Madhesi People's Rights Forum, and elected from Sarlahi district has been used by somebody to sneak into Australia. This person has not returned to Nepal since coming to Australia in December. However, when journalists of MyRepublica tried to contact Shiv Pujan Raya, a family member answered the call and said that Raya had not gone overseas recently. What does this mean?

  1. Raya's family is lying and he is in Australia illegally
  2. Raya's passport was stolen and used by somebody else
  3. Raya sold his passport to somebody else
Whatever be the case, it reflects badly upon Nepal and the Nepal government when a lawmaker misuses his position. This is not the only case discovered by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority. Apparently, two other persons carring the red passports belonging to Gayatri Shah and B. P. Yadav , both lawmakers, were turned back from Abu Dhabi last December while they were heading for Australia.