Kathmandu to get MRT?

If we are to believe what is reported in the news, Kathmandu is to get a Metro Railway Transit network by 2018 with working commencing from fiscal year 2012-13. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, the total length of the MRT is estimated to be 75 km with 27 km of track going around the Ring Road and the rest making up eight radial lines connecting locations on the Ring Road to the centre of the city — New Road and Ratna Park. The government has allocated Rs 810 million for railway construction and development of a metro system. In addition, the government has targeted building the ambitious Mechi-Mahakali and Pokhara-Kathmandu electric railways within the next 10 years. While this is definitely good news for Nepal, I would not get my hopes too high. After all, we are still waiting for an International Airport in Pokhara and the Melamchi Project to fix Kathmandu's drinking water woes.