Drinking water shortage? There is a solution!

Nepal is a country rich in hydro resources. Yet the two main problems in Nepal at the moment (besides politics) are load-shedding and the shortage of drinking water. Nepalis suffer from both these problems, especially in summer when the rivers dry up and there is no rain. 

But residents in Meghma, Ilam  do not suffer from water shortage anymore. They are harvesting water from the fog by using a specially designed mesh that is spread between poles and erected on a ridge. This mesh traps water particles from the wind that carries the fog through the ridge on which the device is installed. Is that a wonderful idea? This technology was developed by scientists in Canada and is being used in many countries around the world to solve the problem of drinking water shortage. 

Given the competency of our politicians, we may soon have to install solar panels and fog meshes in every home :-(