One Dollar Tourism Campaign - Nepal Tourism Year 2011

This is a call to Nepali organizations in Australia including the NRNA, HENNA, NAFA, NAV etc. Since our Government is doing nothing to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2011 in Australia, all Aussie Nepalis should contribute one dollar towards raising funds for advertising about Nepal Tourism Year 2011 in the Australian media - including print and online media. I don't think we can afford to advertise in the television media.

But I'm assuming that there are around 50000 Nepalis in Australia. If all of us contribute 1 dollar towards promoting NTY 2011, I'm sure it will be sufficient to promote NTY 2011 here, and will go a long way in helping Nepal achieve the goal of 1 million tourists in Nepal in 2011. Especially given the value of the high Australian Dollar. Any comments, all you Aussie Nepalis out there!