Nepal may get a new Prime Minister soon!

After having failed to elect a prime minister after 16 rounds of voting in parliament, Nepal has today amended provisions in its constitution to end the political stalemate. The amendment calls for a fresh process if no result is obtained after three rounds of voting. It replaces the earlier provision, which stipulated unending rounds of voting till a candidate secured majority or all candidates withdraw. It was this very rule that saw Ram Chandra Paudel lose 16 rounds of elections, quite a few of these as the sole candidate.

As per the new rules endorsed by a majority in Parliament, even if there is only one candidate in fray, he will have to secure the support of majority lawmakers to get elected. Failure to do so will lead to a fresh election. If there are two candidates, both proposals will be put to vote together. Lawmakers cannot vote against any candidate and if both fail to secure majority votes, a fresh process will be initiated. In case there are more than two candidates, voting for all proposals will take place simultaneously. If there is no clear winner after two rounds of voting, the two candidates securing most votes will have a face-off in the third and deciding round. The fresh provisions are more result-oriented as no lawmaker will be allowed to abstain from the process or stay neutral. A fresh process to elect the new PM will start on January 27.