Indian Government confers Saurya Padak on Nepali youth for bravery

The Indian government has conferred three high level national awards to Bishnu Prasad Shrestha of Nepal for saving a girl from being raped and retrieving valuables of hundreds of passengers from dacoits in a train four months ago. Shrestha, aged 35, will receive the Saurya Padak from the Indian ambassador on the upcoming Republic Day of India. Likewise, he will also be awarded with the 'Jivanrakshya Padak’ and 'Indian Army Bravery Award' for his heroic deed. He has also been rewarded with IRS 50,000 in cash along with a silver Khukuri. Additionally, the family of the girl whose life he had saved, has announced to award him IRs 3 lakh for his bravery. Chitaranjan Railway Service has declared to reward him with IRs 5 lakh.

Shrestha, an ex-Indian Army Service man, originally from Parbat and currently residing in Pokhara, was returning home on the Maurya Express on September 2, 2010 from Ranchi when the train stopped suddenly in the middle of a jungle in West Bengal. About 40 professional dacoits entered the train with household weapons and started looting the passengers including Shrestha. However, after robbing the passengers, the dacoits tried to rape a girl in front of her parents in the same boogie.

At this point, Shrestha jumped into action when the girl pleaded for rescue. He took out his Khukuri and started attacking the dacoits, killing three on the spot and injuring several others. The dacoits ran away leaving behind the valuables they had stolen. Shrestha’s deed has got a lot of media coverage and accolades. The Indian Army has requested him to serve in the army for five more years even after retirement. Keeping in view Shrestha’s security and to honour him Shrestha has been provided two security guards from Indian border to the barracks coming and returning from home.