Exploited by agents, employers and now by their own Government officials

Two Nepali nationals died in Saudi Arabia a year and a half ago - one in a car accident, another while working in a company. A local insurance company had compensated the insurance claims made by the relatives of two deceased, Ramesh Subedi of Jhapa and Santa Lal Tamang of Sarlahi who died in different incidents.

The insurance money worth over Rs. 2 million each was handed over to Ambassador Ansari on behalf of the kin. But they are yet to receive the money.  Ansari has told the victim's relatives that 40% of the amount was spent to repair the car and another 40% was paid for the solicitor. So the kin would get a mere 20% of the sum. This is the sort of support Nepali workers abroad can expect from the Embassy staff. Poor Nepali migrant workers are being exploited by their agents, by their employers and now by their own Government. Why doesn't the NRNA intervene? I wonder! The victim's kin have registered a complaint against Ambassador Ansari with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If this incident is proven true, then he should be jailed for this action. Shame on him!