Who will get to be the next Prime Minister of Nepal? And when?

It is nearly 6 months since Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned from the Prime Minister's post. We've had 16 rounds of elections in the Parliament with no result and the parties have had 4 rounds of serious secret talks without much success.

UML Chairman Khanal recently stated that the major parties had narrowed down their differences and the only remaining task was to decide on the next Prime Minister. Well, today's papers show how close to agreement the three major parties are. 

Madhav Kumar Nepal has today proposed that Ram Chandra Poudel be made the new prime minister to end the caretaker status of the government. Obviously the rest of the UML leadership, especially the Khanal faction do not agree with this proposal. Dev Gurung, a Standing Committee member of UCPN (Maoist) has said that his party would accept CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal as the new prime minister but rejected outright the possibility of Poudel’s leadership in the new government. I wonder what the view of the Nepali Congress it. It has persisted with Ram Chandra Paudel for 16 rounds of failed elections. Will it continue to persist with him or decide to support the UML? After all, it is dead opposed to the Maoists leading the new Government. 

So the million dollar question is who will get to be the next Prime Minister of Nepal? and more importantly, when?