What is Australia going to do to increase student numbers?

Australian Classrooms Face Many Empty Seats - this article in the New York Times says it all. The tough visa requirements, the strong Aussie dollar and increasing global competition is having a strong impact on the student numbers in Australia. More importantly, it is having a very strong impact on Nepali students coming to Australia. As posted here, only 1344 Nepali students were granted offshore visa in 2009-10 although the previous year 11,039 student visas were granted. The figures are going to be lower in 2010-11. 

The more important question for the Nepali youth who want to go overseas is 'what should they do to get a quality education at a reasonable cost?'. In my humble opinion, and I have blogged previously about this here, New Zealand and Canada are probably the best options for the long-term migration by Nepali students. In the meantime, let's hope that the Australian Government changes its strict policies otherwise this decease in student number is going to severely impact the Australian economy. Even I may have to look look for another job :-) because, unfortunately, I am also affected by the downturn in international student numbers