Should military service be made compulsory in Nepal?

The Maoist's party of Nepal has proposed making military service compulsory for all Nepali citizens in the new Constitution similar to Singapore, Israel and South Korea. The rationale behind this proposal is that the highly centralized Nepal Army cannot safeguard the sovereignty of Nepal hence it is necessary to train all citizens. However all the other parties have rejected the proposal.

I see a few merits in the proposal
  1. Youth get to spend 1-2 years serving the Nation while they figure out what they want to do with their lives
  2. It addresses the unemployment problem in Nepal (to a certain extent)
  3. It can serve to unite the Nation - everybody has the chance to contribute to the nation-building exercise.
  4. It can be used to build the required infrastructure/support in Nepal (rather then beg for money from other nations). The Army can be more actively in activities like construction of roads, dams, schools etc.
In fact, this maybe one of the few sensible ideas the Maoist's have proposed. What do you think readers? Please comment!