All you Aussie Nepalis - are you registered with the Nepali Consulate?

At the recent Nepal Festival held in Melbourne on 20th November 2010, nearly 31,500 people passed Federation Square which was the venue for the festival. These figures were given by the Federation Square Management. I was there and could see that there was a sizeable Nepali presence.

However, as mentioned by Mr. Chandra Yonzon, the Honourable Consulate to Nepal on the stage, as well as through an email communication to me, the Australian authorities have a figure of 5000 Nepalis residing in Australia. This is based on figures about Nepalis in Australia from 1996 to 2008. There is no record of Nepalis coming to Australia before 1996. Similarly, there isn't much information about the Nepalis who have come to Australia after 2008. We know that Nepal was ranked third in terms of students coming to Australia in 2008.

There is a strong Nepali population in Melbourne and in Australia. The Nepal Consulate estimates there are around 10000 Nepalis living in Victoria and around 50000 in Australia. The Wikipedia link shows 10000 Nepalis in Australia. Obviously, these figures are just guesses. There is no real proof to back them. 

However, there is one way to collect the evidence to back these figures. All Nepalis in Australia, who have not yet registered with the Nepal Consulate can do so by visiting the website. I have registered myself there. So if any of you readers are living in Australia and have not registered as yet, please do so!