More pain for the kin of Tara Air Victims

The kin of the victims of the Tara Air plane crash are most likely to lose out on the insurance compensation, thanks to breach of international practice and insurance norms. By law, domestic airlines in Nepal pledge insurance cover of up to US$ 20,000 per passenger, as per the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) rules.

When the news about the plane crash became know, Tara Air had said the aircraft was carrying almost entirely Nepali passengers. However, now it has emerged that the passengers were Bhutanese who were travelling as Nepali passengers. 17 of the 18 Tara Air passengers are said to be Bhutanese nationals who had hidden their Bhutanese identities and used fake Nepali names in connivance with Travel Lights, the agency, which arranged the charter flight for the Bhutanese pilgrims, apparently to pay less money.

The General Manager of Travels Light Pvt Ltd Kamala Gurung has already been arrested for flying Bhutanese as Nepali nationals. The kin of the deceases Bhutanese nationals might not receive any compensation because of the illegal ticket bookings.