Is Nepal the biggest achiever of 2010 in Nepal?

Madhav Kumar Nepal has completed six months in office as the "care taker Prime Minister" of the "care taker Government of Nepal". This is a pretty impressive performance from Nepal who managed to become Prime Minister after losing the 2008 elections from two constituencies.

He was forced to step down as the Prime Minister by leaders of his own party including Jhalanath Khanal, in order to pave the way for a national consensus government. In fact, Prachanda Dahal is supposed to have told Madhav Kumar Nepal that he would form a new conensus government within 2 hours of him stepping down from office. We all know now how far from the truth he was. After all he is the man who said that he would turn Nepal into "Switzerland of Asia". 

The way things stand in Nepal, it is possible that Nepal will remain the "care taker Prime Minister" of Nepal for the next six months, which is a much longer duration than past Prime Ministers of Nepal. So IMHO, Madhav Kumar Nepal comes very close to Anuradha Koirala as the biggest achiever in Nepal in the year 2010 for managing to hold on to the seat for more than six months even after being forced to resign. Good one Ma Ku Ne!