How much is your kidney worth?

Apparently, in the black market a kidney is worth 20000 US Dollars. But guess how much people are getting paid in Nepal for their kidney? a paltry NRs. 30-60,000.

Under Nepalese law, kidney transplants are allowed only if the organ is donated by a blood relative or spouse. However, in neighbouring India, a non-relative can also donate an organ "out of affection", subject to the approval of a medical committee, a process which can be bypassed. According to, in the impoverished village of Jyamdi, around 50 kilometers from Kathmandu, almost every family has atleast one member who has sold their kidney for food. The poor and uneducated villagers are lured across the border to sell their kidney which is more often than not resold to wealthy Nepali patients. Isn't it ironic? A poor man sells his kidney for around USD600-1400 and a rich man buys the same kidney for USD 20000. So how much is a kidney really worth?