Did Paras shoot at Sujata Koirala's daugher and son-in-law?

The Indian Express has today published an article that Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala has accused former prince Paras of attempting to shoot her daugther and son-in-law in a jungle resort in Chitwan. According to the report, Koirala called Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal from Bangkok on Sunday and reported the incident that allegedly took place on Friday evening. The Prime Minister then instructed the Home Minister Bhim Rawal to arrest Paras immediately, and Bhim Rawal has promised that he will have the incident probed but has refused to arrest the former prince as no formal complaint has been lodged as yet. This article is by Yubaraj Ghimire who is a leading journalist in Nepal. It is interesting why he chose to publish the article in an Indian Newspaper. Couldn't he find a Nepali newspaper willing to publish the articel? 

PS: The Himalayan Times has also followed up with an article titled "Tipsy Paras gets trigger-happy at Tiger Tops"