125 days banda in 2010. How will 2011 be for Nepal?

According to statistics given by Nepal Police, Nepal saw 125 days of banda in various parts of the country out of a total 365 days in 2010, at an average 10 strikes per month. According the data, the UCPN (Maoist) topped the list by organising a total of 20 strikes.

The longest strike staged by the Maoists in the year was the six-day general strike in May demanding resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. We are yet to see a replacement from Madhav Kumar Nepal. I think the rest of Nepal should strike against the Maoists for forcing Madhav Kumar Nepal to step down. In a hopeful sign of better things to come in 2011, there were only four strikes after August 2010. So lets hope that in 2011 there is fewer strikes in Nepal.