Political Stalemate in Nepal continues - who is to blame?

The recent news filtering from the Nepali media shows the state of disarray in Nepali politics. Yesterday, there were reports that Ram Chandra Paudel was happy to withdraw his nomination and let Prachanda become the Prime Minister if the demands put forward by the Nepali Congress were met - these demands are "management of the combatants, dissociation of the party from arms, completing the peace process logically and assuring drafting of democratic constitution". All four demands seem reasonable and necessary. So why don't the Maoists agree to them? 

Today, the media reports that Khanal suggested that each of the "three big parties" lead the Government in turn. Khanal also suggested that Ram Chandra Paudel withdraw his nomination. In reply to this Paudel instead asked the Maoists and UML to cast votes in his favor to end the deadlock, suggesting that he would step down in a month. Why does he want to be Prime Minister for a month? 

Puspha Kamal Dahal in turn has said that the Maoists have no objection if the NC and the UML together formed a majority government should they fail to forge consensus and are ready to stay in the opposition. If this is true, why doesn't his party vote for Paudel and then stay in the Opposition? 

And these very statements have caused a stalemate. Congress wants to lead the government but does not have the backing. The Maoists also want to lead the government but do not have full support. UML is the power broker but doesn't want either the Congress or the Maoists to lead the new Government. Given the stalemate, wouldn't it be wise to let Ma. Ku. Ne continue as the Prime Minister of Nepal and forge consensus on the writing of the Consitution? Well, Jhalanath Khanal doesn't want this to happen!

And so the story continues........ Will Nepal get a Prime Minister after Tihar? Only time will tell... Where else but Nepal would this happen?