New Constitution of Nepal to allow dual citizenship!

The high-level taskforce under the leadership of Puspha Kamal Dahal has settled the the issue of citizenship reaching an agreement to include a provision in the new constitution to issue single citizenship from the central government with provincial identity intact.

More importantly a deal has been reached to provide citizenship certificates to Non Residential Nepalis (NRNs), thereby addressing the demand of dual citizenship of the latter. This is very important for the hundreds of thousands of Non Residential Nepalis who have taken up foreign citizenship for a number of reasons. Allowing dual citizenship will encourage NRNs to participate more actively in the nation building exercise. It is a win-win situation for all and for once, the high-level taskforce has made a sensible decision for which it should be applauded.

Now lets hope that the Constitution actually gets written before the deadline of May 2011 with no further extensions.